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Química Analítica Quantitativa Elementar
J.C.Andrade, O.S.Godinho, N.Baccan

Química Analítica Quantitativa

Química Analítica Qualitativa
A.I.Vogel, A.Gimeno

Principles and Practice of Analytical Chemistry 
F. W. Fifield, D.Kealey

Analytical Chemistry : An Introduction 
D.A. Skoog, et al

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry
D.A. Skoog, et al

Principles Of Instrumental Analysis
D.A. Skoog

Analytical Chemistry 
G.D. Christian

Analytical Chemistry of Complex Matrices 

Analytical Gas Chromatography 
W.Jennings, et al

Chemometrics : Statistics and Computer Application in Analytical Chemistry
M. Otto